Make the most of the farm’s resources, emphasizing fertility and soil biological activity as well as minimizing the use of non-renewable resources and dispensing of fertilizers and chemical synthesis phytosanitary products.

Our group of experts in organic agriculture will help you to implement this methodology in an integral way to the whole farm, making a diagnosis and working guidelines with the aim of converting or improving the farm.

Holistic management is a planning and decision-making system that support farmers and other land managers to better manage agricultural resources to improve environmental, economic and social benefits in a sustainable manner. It is based on the realization of a directed and rational pasture with the aim of increasing soil fertility and reversing the degradation of overgrazed soils.

We make an evaluation of the farm, as well as a planning and design of the work to be done.


Key-line design is a system of design and technical applications in the field that aims to achieve maximum use of rainwater and other water resources. Its objective is to capture, conserve and repartimeno hydraulically optimized and the maximum yield for the regeneration of the soil and that it increases the depth and natural fertility.

We make the necessary planning and design for the implementation of this technique..

In order to maintain 100% of the soil, 100% coverage for 100% of the time, we carry out an assessment at the time of implementing or managing the vegetation cover for each crop. A correct evaluation of the soil and the productive objectives help us to design the type of cover as well as the type and proportion of the different species that conform it.

The work in organic agriculture includes different preparations used with the aim of regenerating the soil and improving fertility. In each case, we define the type and methodology of production of different products such as biofetilizers, compost or bocashi, plant extracts, use of sea water orumus, ..


It is essential to perform different types of soil analysis to determine the state and actions to be carried out for improvement. These analyses are used to know the mineral balance, mainly balance between Ca, Mg, K, Na, P and S, the quantity and quality of the organic matter present in the soil, as well as the degree and type of microbiology of the substrate.


From Agroassessor, we carry out different trainings with the objective of making known the different methodologies used in organic agriculture, as well as transmitting to the farmer the necessary knowledge to manage their farm in an organic and sustainable way.

The elaboration of preparations, chromatography or composting are some of the formations carried out in the last months.