Agroassessor’s consulting line offers business, and operations strategic consulting services, both to Public Administrations and the private sector, based on experience and knowledge in strategic planning and management in specific regions and territories or evaluation of the socio-economic and environmental impact derived from the production processes of the primary sector.

Preparation of Strategic Agriculture Plans

Development of consulting projects in the field of Public Administration based on experience in the agricultural sector and techniques and trends in sustainable agriculture and the knowledge of our multidisciplinary team, consisting of agronomists, environmentalists, biologists, economists, etc. .

A strategic plan can help address greater territorial and institutional complexity and advance consensus strategies. Facing the current intense social and economic changes and solving outstanding problems. Influence territorial and sectorial decisions that affect the territory or to reveal potential and latent projects.

In June 2021, on the initiative of the Consell Insular de Menorca, and financed with EAFRD funds with the collaboration of the Balearic Government, Agroassessor carried out the “Strategic Agricultural Plan of Menorca

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Development of plans for conversion to regenerative agriculture, holistic management, and permaculture.

We are experts in regenerating farms and territories. We have accompanied countless national and international organizations to regenerate their soils, transitioning from conventional to regenerative agriculture thus improving soil fertility and biodiversity.

We create sustainable projects in the triple environmental, economic and social helix.


Advice and support for large organizations to turn their business into a regenerative activity, contributing to the improvement of the planet and producing healthier food.

If you are a company, concerned about climate change and want to help take care of the land and protect the environment, we help you in everything to move to regenerative.

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Forest Management Plans

Development of forest management plans for the maintenance and improvement of forest areas to optimize their production or reduce the risk of forest fires.

Economic, social and environmental impact assessment studies

Realization of studies in depth of the territories, where it evaluates the degree of impact that has the activity of the agricultural sector, through the application of technicians of regenerative agriculture, in exploitations, spaces or concrete territories, through of specific indicators in the economic, social and environmental field.

Being fully aware of the difficulty of the economic profitability of agriculture, and the depopulation of the rural world, we propose solutions for the economic, environmental and social sustainability of a territory to give answers that help reactivate the economy.

We have the experience of large projects with the public administration, such as the Ministry of Agriculture of the Balearic Government, having carried out the study “Analysis of food chains and diagnosis of the local production sector, organic, agro-industrial and artisanal Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera “. April 2021


Agro-nutrition services for Horeca establishments.

Economic and environmental feasibility studies of food procurement systems by the service sector with the aim of planning and ordering the purchase of sustainable and local food directly from producers.


We conduct private online consulting sessions on regenerative agriculture.

We resolve specific questions about regenerative farming, advise on which techniques to apply or the viability of crops on your farm.

Sessions last a minimum of one hour.

Cost 120 € + iva

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In May 2020, the European Commission proposed a temporary recovery instrument, the NextGeneration EU plan, endowed with 750 billion euros to be financed through the issuance of Community debt, of which about 150 billion euros are “ pre-assigned ”in Spain.

These funds seek to mitigate the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic and transform the economy with the ecological and digital transition as engines of change.

Its goals are twofold, to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050, and to accelerate the digital transformation of the economy, transferring its benefits to citizens and businesses.

We have a team specialized in NextGen, knowledgeable of the latest developments and calls, with the aim of detecting the needs of each territory and we are ready to channel and capture European funds, as well as to manage and carry out the projects valuing the most appropriate at any given time and for each organization.


We support in the certification of Carbon Credits.

A Carbon Credit is a financial instrument that represents the reduction or avoidance of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.

Carbon credits have their origins in the Kyoto Protocol (1997).

It set legally binding targets for 37 industrialized countries to limit or reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 5% below 1990 levels during the period 2008-2012.

An entity may decide to take responsibility for its carbon footprint by buying carbon credits that reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

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Whether you belong to the public, private or private sphere, we help you make your projects a reality. Based on the analysis of the current situation and comparison with reference success stories, we will build, with you, the plan to achieve this.


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