We help you create a successful and sustainable project in the social, environmental and economic spheres.

We can help you in the diagnosis, design and management of your farm, working in conventional agriculture or in the transition or consolidation of organic or ecological agriculture. We base on the use of the Organic Managers work method that we have created for the implementation of a successful and sustainable agricultural model in the social, environmental and economic spheres.

We carry out a diagnosis of the current situation of the estate, in the agronomic, economic and personnel fields, identifying the possibilities, problems and limitations we coud find. Together, with the people involved in the operation, we define the main objectives of the project. This work will serve as a basis for the development and direction of the project..


    1. People involved and level of decision of each one.
    2. Economic, social and environmental concerns of each team member.
    3. General medium and long term objectives of the project (vision).
    4. General diagnosis of the operation.
    5. Diagnosis of the existing machinery at the operation.
    6. Diagnosis of the soils, crops and animals present on the holding.
    7. Diagnosis of farm resources.
    8. Study of existing and future markets and customers.
    9. Assessment of the confluence of the previous points in relation to the vision.


We prepare a business plan for the farm in order to know the current status or study the feasibility of future crops or changes in the direction of the project.

For this task we work on the following points:

  1. Productive orientation (adaptation, markets and choice of product).
  2. Forecast of expenses (including the benefits expected by the owner of the farm).
  3. Forecast income.

We carry out a design of the operation

    1. Infrastructure design (buildings, irrigation systems, fences…)
    2. Design applied to crops.
    3. Design applied to animal management.

An exhaustive study of the soil is carried out and the best actions are proposed to improve fertility over time.

    1. Soil fertility components (carbon, water, biology and minerals)
    2. Implementation of a change of production system (no ploughing, no application of chemicals)
    3. Use of different organic implements to improve soil production and fertility.


We carry out the technical direction of all the tasks related to the agricultural project, directing the team of people who work.

    1.   Implantation and management of crops (monitoring of pests and diseases, fertilization, irrigation, pruning, harvesting …).
    2. Animal management
    3. Advice on the production and marketing of farm products such as wine or oil.
    4. Environmental management (carbon, energy, water and biodiversity).
    5. Management of own personnel as well as contracted services.
    6. Updating and processing of available subsidies.
    7. Procedures or audits required for the administration or other agents such as the integrated or ecological agriculture councils.


Form of work:

We periodically monitor the main agronomic factors of the project. We maintain direct and weekly contact with the manager or farmers involved in the project, to define the tasks and intervene in decision-making or validate the work done.