Technical projects for the construction of farms and food processing industries. Along with the design of the facility and drafting of the project, we carry out the works and coordination supervision for health and safety throughout the project.
We draft reports for facilities that do not require a technical project. The technical reports provide information on the necessary facilities and construction solutions as well as the required list of works to be done and the materials to be used.
We carry out feasibility studies, both technical and economic, of field planting (fruit trees, vines …), vegetable farms, agro-food industries, livestock farms… They are a very important tool to decide on future projects or potential investments.
We carry out the valuation or appraisal of rustic property, buildings, facilities and infrastructure providing that they are rated as undeveloped land according to the current urban planning.
We process all documents and make all the arrangements with the administration to register any farming, livestock or agri-food activity (municipal license activities, livestock registration …).
We prepare and process the required paperwork before the competent authorities to legalize wells.