Agroassessor, along with four other leading companies that work from different points of view in organic agriculture both in Catalonia and Aragon have created a common project called GeaOrgànica.

Geaorganica combines knowledge of integrated, organic and regenerative farming, biodynamic agriculture, a holistic approach and Keyline planting systems to provide services to farms wishing to keep or introduce the change towards a more sustainable agriculture.

Experience and an organic insight in the agronomic system have led us to work dynamically and to take a different perspective in order to maximize the natural resources of the fields so as to optimize management.

We avoid systematic treatments on schedule, since they are not the agronomic solution to most of the problems found in the fields and we give way to proactive agriculture. We guide farmers towards a better and wider understanding of the whole farm enabling them to make their own decisions at all times.

Not only the production, but the quality and differentiation are also important in the global market in which we find ourselves. We accompany you in the process of decision making with a holistic approach and quality of life in the social, economic and environmental policy.

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