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A Agroassessor escoltem les vostres inquietuds, necessitats i desitjos i construïm i gestionem junts projectes personalitzats i familiars, respectuosos amb el medi ambient, el territori i la seva cultura.

Do you want to know some of the projects managed by Agroassessor?


Son Felip and Algaiarens: Located in Menorca, this farm has a thousand hectares of agricultural and forestry land bordering the northern sea of ​​the island. Regenerative grazing with red cows from Menorca, the production of eggs using mobile chicken henhouses, obtaining honey in a space considered a biosphere reserve or the production of extra virgin olive oil from olive trees planted following the techniques of the keyline are some of the characteristic features of one of the most important and pioneering regenerative projects in southern Europe.


Can Font: From the synergies between regenerative agriculture and precision agriculture, the Can Font work team manages an ancestral farm (since 1700) using the latest technologies available to the primary sector. The new generations, following in the footsteps of previous generations, produce grapes, olives, cereals, corn, almonds, and vegetables from agriculture that regenerates the soil and the environment. The innovation practiced in recent years by the farmers of Can Font (led by Nuri and Francesc from Agroassessor) has attracted many universities and other institutions to study the progress and improvement of soil fertility.


Olirium: On the Costa Brava, at the northern end of the Iberian Peninsula, an extra virgin olive oil is produced as a result of regenerative practices and certified as an ecological product. A product made from local olive varieties, and considered among the best oils in the world according to various international committees of this product, which have repeatedly awarded it a gold medal.

estratègia agrària

At the initiative of the Consell Insular de Menorca, and financed with EAFRD funds with the collaboration of the Balearic Government, Agroassessor carried out the “Strategic Agricultural Plan of Menorca”. June 2021.

This plan aims to boost the agricultural sector and create jobs, prevent the abandonment of crops and farms, promote the production and marketing of quality agricultural and livestock products and proximity, create demand for local agricultural products and preserve landscape and environmental values. and patrimonies that agriculture and livestock bring associated.

estudi cadenes

Agroassesssor has the experience of large projects with the public administration, such as the Ministry of Agriculture of the Balearic Government, having carried out the study “Analysis of food chains and diagnosis of the local, ecological, agro-industrial and artisanal production sector of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera “. April 2021.

The study served to know the production potential and food flows in the Balearic Islands, which allowed to establish the baselines that will allow the development of social and sustainable public procurement policies.

The present study gave us the opportunity to know in depth the territory and the society that inhabits it.


The most admired wine brand in the world.

Accompaniment and advice on the transition of the Torres family vineyards on the regenerative path.

Joint creation of the regenerative viticulture association.

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Ronda Estancia 62, 07740 Es Mercadal – Menorca. Tel +34 971 04 86 45

C/ Requesens 5, 17491 Peralada – Girona Tel +34 972 53 86 37