Periodic follow-up of various pests and diseases through recording data from trap monitoring and visual controls of the field. We make different treatment recommendations as well as their quality depending on the needs of the farm at the time
We make recommendations of various types of fertilizers depending on the needs of the farm at any time according to different analyzed parameters (physical and chemical tests of the soil, leaf and fruit, chromatography, soil type, and production management and production system)
We recommend watering based on the weather, the condition of the plants and, where appropriate, the use of monitoring systems of soil moisture by means of probes at different depths.

We carry out tests of the various parameters that indicate the grain and texture of the soil and the main minerals present in plants, soil … through a specialized laboratory.


We carry out a soil chromatography to get to know the soil fertility considering both the mineral and organic parts as well as its microbiology.


We carry out a fast test of the nitrate content in the soil to assess the need for top- dressings of nitrogen fertilizer.