At Agroassessor we are a multidisciplinary team, made up of agricultural and forestry engineers, technicians, biologists, environmentalists, economists … with knowledge and experience in a wide range of crops (olive, vine, fruit trees, extensive, livestock …), with more than 15 years of experience and more than 500 consolidated projects.

Our professional career begins with conventional agricultural techniques but the result of direct experiences with international references such as Darren J. Doherty and Joel Salatin, evolves into a combination of different disciplines of regenerative agriculture. Convinced of the course that agriculture must take to improve our global system of sustainability, profitability and improvements in different environments.

The years of learning and practicing these techniques, as well as training acquired in different parts of the world such as Australia, add to a critical mentality that tests and tests on the ground all the techniques learned to adapt and improve them.

We support farmers, owners and administrations in the design and management of sustainable and productive agricultural projects, based on the application of reference techniques of regenerative agriculture (permaculture, holistic management, keyline design, biointensive vegetable garden, etc.) adapted to the reality of the territory and the need of the clients.

Agroassessors's Team


Agricultural Technical Engineer and partner of Agroassessor

He worked in Australia and has become so regenerative that he has even written a book about it called “Arrelats a la terra”.

He promotes and spreads the model he has learned from the greats Darren J. Doherty and Joel Salatin, with whom he has established collaborations and a good friendship

Trained in permaculture, holistic management, microbiology, and other techniques that are part of Regenerative Agriculture.

Agricultural technical engineer, agronomic manager of Can Font, Son Felip and Algaiarens, and Olirium, among others.

Agroassessors's Team


Agronomist engineer and partner of Agroassessor

Passionate about farming, about what happens, and about how it happens.

Interested and eager to further learn about it, to be able to live it and to explain it.

I have spent most of my time in vineyards and olive groves and I feel really attached to their products.

I help to turn farms into real agricultural projects.

I believe in sustainable agriculture as a way of living and understanding the foundations of society, it must be strengthened and preserved at all levels.

Fan and lover of cycling.

Agroassessors's Team


Agricultural Technical Engineer and partner of Agroassessor

Long experience in direct advice to the agricultural sector. My universe is the support measures in European aids and rural development and everything related to it.

My references are seriousness and willingness to serve. I try to bring the office to the farm, open to everything and everyone. Partnering makes sense, adding up efforts makes us grow as people.

Two sentences that accompany me ‘Where your thoughts go, your steps go’, ‘There are only 2% of farmers in Europe, but 100% of Europeans eat.’

Agroassessors's Team


Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientist currently focused on the administrative management of Agroassessor.

I am assertive, versatile, and adaptable to new challenges. Also receptive, conciliatory, and empathetic.

They say that taking care of our land and giving us its fruits is an art; And it is true, at home we have always had a garden and I have learned that the satisfaction of being able to eat what you have grown is priceless.

I dedicate my free time to my family, to reading and sewing.

Agroassessors's Team


Agricultural Technical Engineer

Agricultural Technical Engineer At Agroassessor since the very beginning.
Son of a bricklayer and grandson of farmers, I have combined both
inheritances dedicating myself to the development of agricultural construction projects.
With training and experience in business management and administration, I do rustic valuations and economic feasibility studies.

I design thinking that farms should be economically profitable and respectful of the environment and animal welfare.
The land does not belong to those who work it, but rather to the Earth and that is why we are obliged to respect it.

Agroassessors's Team


Agricultural Technical Engineer

After spending more than 20 years watching sweet fruit bloom, set, and grow, I can tell you that no campaign is the same as the other and that the beauty of this change is what makes our work fascinating!

Always improving and providing solutions to obtain higher quality, nutritious and healthy fruits.

Tending to regenerate the soil, the plants that feed on it, and the planet where they coexist.

Apart from my contributions in managing fruit trees and orchards in all the projects that require it, you will find me actively participating in the Biobosch organic and Can Font Organic projects.

Agroassessors's Team


Agricultural Technical Engineer

With experience in fruit crops assessment.

I am fascinated by observing and learning the cycles and processes that occur in the natural environment, mainly those that occur in the plant kingdom.

I understand agriculture as the art of cultivating the land to produce food with nature, both respecting it and taking care of it.

Agroassessors's Team


Bachelor in biology

I have always liked the countryside and nature.
For me, sustainable and ecological agriculture is a way of life.

We must take care of the earth and its environment and it will take care of us. I try to convey this vision and work philosophy to the people around me.

My experience is mainly in vineyards and olive trees.
Eager to learn more and be able to apply what I learn in work and personal projects.

Agroassessors's Team


Agricultural Technical Engineer

After having tried agriculture from different perspectives, starting with the harvesting seasons, going through the protection and control of the plant health of the crops and, the sale of the product, now I enter Eudald’s universe, contributing to the aid support measure
service, to help you have more time to enjoy what you like best, working the FIELDS.

Agroassessors's Team


Agricultural Technical Engineer

Under the motto, my concern about the origin of the raw materials stems from the motto ”We are what we eat”. Improving the health of the planet means taking care of people’s health.

Trained in business administration and quality, I will do my part to achieve the sustainability of the farms.
Having the opportunity to contribute to improving the future of the land around me is a great pride.

Passionate about outdoor sports and gastronomy.

Josep Calero - Agroassessor team's


Agricultural Technical Engineer

I specialised in the agricultural and food industries.

I have experience both in public administration and as a professional
technician, but in recent years I have worked almost exclusively as a
technician, in very different fields.

I am part of the Agroassessor team, where I hope, with enthusiasm and motivation, to bring the best of myself. Passionate about the farming world, climatology, and astronomy. When I’m not enjoying the outdoors, it’s because I’m making homemade craft beer.

Esteve Pous - Agroassessor team's


Agricultural Technical Engineer, Forestry Engineer

Agroassessor collaborator.

I have worked for more than 15 years as an Engineer in the public administration in forest management projects, assessing owners and ADF, and drawing strategic plans.

With an entrepreneurial will and to keep my roots in the Pyrenees, I started a new stage continuing the family business based on organic livestock and biomass production. Currently, I combine this work
with all kinds of Forestry Projects related to the forest and pastures where necessary More than 65% of the surface of Catalonia is forest, but most people only remember this fact when there is a large forest fire.

Agroassessors's Team


E.T. Agrícola

Durant uns anys he treballat en  l’administració pública, vinculat directament en l’actual Política Agrària Comunitària i en les gestions i tràmits administratius que envolten el camp de Menorca.

M’agrada posar en pràctica els coneixements adquirits, aplicar una ramaderia amb races autòctones de la nostra illa i gestionar les  rotacions de cultius on les associacions de cultius i l’enclova hi tenen un paper protagonista.

Aficionat al cavall i a l’apicultura.


Menorca: Ronda Estancia 62, 07740 – Es Mercadal. Tel +34 971 04 86 45  |  info@agroassessor.com  |  Girona: C/ Requesens 5, 17491 – Peralada. Tel +34 972 53 86 37

Ronda Estancia 62, 07740 Es Mercadal – Menorca. Tel +34 971 04 86 45 info@agroassessor.com

C/ Requesens 5, 17491 Peralada – Girona Tel +34 972 53 86 37

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